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Capital for Development


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We believe that fair economic development contributes to economic inclusion and the improvement of people's perspectives in developing countries. With our investments we aim for social and financial return optimization


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We finance and invest in growing and inclusive SMEs that create social and environmental impact but are not able to attract capital for their business at affordable conditions, mostly because of their risk profile. Capital 4 Development Partners (C4D Partners), formerly ICCO Investments, makes a difference and provides risk capital


<a href="/Investment-Criteria">What</a>

Through a number of different financial instruments we invest in growing and inclusive SMEs with solid financial return expectations and with a clear measurable impact, such as the creation of jobs and livelihood opportunities, improvement in food and nutrition security, improvement in access to basic services like energy, healthcare and clean water.


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A solid partner

Capital 4 Development Partners (C4D Partners), formerly ICCO Investments, is an initiative of ICCO Cooperation. ICCO is a cooperative for development cooperation. Members are Edukans, Kerk in Actie and coPrisma. ICCO works in 44 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.


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Every investment we make has the goal to create social impact. 

In the cases below you can learn more about our investees and the impact they are having in their country or worldwide.

Bali Seafood: Creating jobs and social impact through sustainable fishery

Bali Seafood International, a subsidiary company of US based North Atlantic Seafood (NAI), focusses on sustainably sourced and socially resp…

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Mirakle Couriers: Delivering possibilities

In India, 6.3 % of the population or nearly 63 million people are diagnosed with extreme hearing impairment. Among children, four out of eve…

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Cassia Co-op: Better income, Better formation, Better education

Cassia Co-op contributes to the creation of a more fair, shorter and efficient supply chain, by generating positive impact at the source. Sh…

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