We finance and invest in growing and inclusive SMEs that create social and environmental impact but are not able to attract capital for their business at affordable conditions, mostly because of their risk profile. C4D Partners makes a difference and provides risk capital at conditions that take into account the financial risks involved, the resilience of the business case and the impact that the SME wants to achieve.

Currently, C4D Partners is managing the C4D Asia Fund.

Capital 4 Development Asia Fund

The C4D Asia Fund is a USD 30 million Fund investing in innovative growth stage SMEs in India, Indonesia and the Philippines which aim to bring positive social, environmental and economic change in the lives of marginalized communities. The Fund targets a final closing at USD 50 million by end of 2019.

The Fund will contribute to inclusive local economies by supporting SME companies that address and solve for local challenges and / or industry inefficiencies. Based upon a strong belief in the advancing effects of diversity, the Fund integrates a gender lens in its investment strategy and aims to invest at least 30 percent of its capital in SMEs owned or led by women. A variety of financing instruments, including private equity and mezzanine financing, will be used. The Fund benefits from a launching portfolio of 21 investments as well as an Investee Support Facility

The Fund Investors profit from a de-risking facility, including a first-loss feature provided by launching investor ICCO Cooperation.

The Fund’s investment strategy and outcomes are strengthened by a separately structured and financed Portfolio Support Program, to provide client-driven business support to the portfolio companies.

Together with our portfolio companies and investors we work towards:

  • Creating decent and sustainable jobs, providing employees with (new) skills and stable incomes, so that they can improve their living conditions and opportunities.
  • Improving the market position of small marginalized suppliers and entrepreneurs, so that they can grow their business and positively impact (local) economies.
  • Offering affordable and quality products and services to low-income and vulnerable populations, by providing them access to better, innovative, more efficient, more sustainable solutions, which have the potential to improve their living conditions.
  • Boosting the development of efficient and sustainable supply chains, by supporting supply chain integration as well as solutions to market inefficiencies, which has the potential to improve linkages, lower costs, improve sustainability outcomes, strengthen the position of vulnerable players and increase outreach.

Supporting gender equality, by encouraging gender balanced business strategies, including women in supply chains and staffing and by investing at least 30% of the committed capital in women SMEs.