We finance and invest in growing and inclusive SMEs that create social and environmental impact but are not able to attract capital for their business at affordable conditions, mostly because of their risk profile. Capital 4 Development Partners (C4D Partners), formerly ICCO Investments, makes a difference and provides risk capital at conditions that take into account the financial risks involved, the resilience of the business case and the impact that the SME wants to achieve.

Currently, we have the Capital 4 Development Fund under management and are raising additional funds. Besides, C4D Partners provides investment management services to the Rabobank Rural Fund.

Capital 4 Development Fund

The Capital 4 Development (C4D) Fund was established toward the end of 2013. It is a EUR 16m fund investing in the various regions where ICCO Cooperation has its networks and regional presence. This is in Asia, Africa and Latin-America. The fund is a mixed fund and invests through equity (30%) and debt (70%). The investment size ranges from EUR 200k to EUR 1m. The objective of the C4D Fund is to improve the livelihoods of low income groups by:

  1. Maintaing existing and creating new jobs with decent wages and social benefits;

  2. Including low income communities and people in the SMEs market chain (supply and distribution) and providing them with improved economic opportunities or;

  3. Offering affordable and qualitative basic products and/or access to basic services to low income communities.

By offering access to affordable services we contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations Development Programme:


You can find the 2016 C4D Fund impact report here.

Rabobank Rural Fund

The Rabobank Rural Fund (RRF) is part of the Rabobank Group and based in the Netherlands. Through the RRF the Rabobank provides primarily export finance and long term finance to SMEs and cooperatives. C4D Partners provides fund management services such as deal flow, deal structuring and portfolio management in East Africa and Southeast Asia.