C4D Partners project map

Capital 4 Development Partners is the impact investment arm of ICCO Cooperation. We invest in economic and financial sustainable businesses with clear cut social impact, which are led by entrepreneurs and managers who have strong developed visions to fight poverty and injustice.


Freyr Energy: Making solar simple

Freyr Energy provides simple and affordable clean energy to homeowners, businesses and communities in India. The company believes that going solar should be easy and fast. Freyr offers a solution that is cleaner, safer and cheaper than… Read more

Bali Seafood: Creating jobs and social impact through sustainable fishery

Bali Seafood International, a subsidiary company of US based North Atlantic Seafood (NAI), focusses on sustainably sourced and socially responsible seafood. The company is developing a sustainable fishery with local fishing communities… Read more

Mirakle Couriers: Delivering possibilities

In India, 6.3 % of the population or nearly 63 million people are diagnosed with extreme hearing impairment. Among children, four out of every 1,000 are victims of this. Of the 63 million around 70% are unemployed. The deaf don’t have … Read more

Cassia Co-op: Better income, Better formation, Better education

Cassia Co-op contributes to the creation of a more fair, shorter and efficient supply chain, by generating positive impact at the source. Sharing information and a transparent approach are essential to Cassia Co-op, leading to a strong… Read more

The SuiGeneris Inc: selling smiles through CC Tea

The SuiGeneris Inc. strives for a better tomorrow for Manipur, one of the least economically developed states of India. The company promotes a healthy life style - through the beverage – and provides solutions to mitigate Manipur’s soc… Read more

MRS: sustaining livelihood through spice

Multi Rempa Sulawes (MRS) is a registered company in Indonesia. It is known as a consolidator, semi processor, and exporter of nutmeg and mace and other spices such as pepper, cloves, cacao, copra and dried ginger.… Read more

C4D Partners helps Natural Garden create organic opportunities for small growers

Natural Garden has developed into a known retailer of organic and chemical-free vegetable and fruit products. These products are sold in its retail shops and are certified as organic and chemical free by Cambodian Organic Agriculture A… Read more

VIVO Healthcare: Skilling India to Save Lives

According to a recent report, healthcare in India is at a crossroads. The rise of non-communicable diseases (NCDs, such as heart disease and cancer), along with substantial gaps in the country’s healthcare infrastructure, are compounde… Read more

Classic Foods: Value Addition for Improved Livelihoods

Ten years ago, Kenyan accountant, WachiraKariuki, quit his career, and together with Stella Kimemia started Classic Foods for the purpose of buying and selling milk in bulk from farmers to processors in the Nyeri area of Central Kenya.… Read more

Eco Tasar Silk: Weave a Hope

Ansari, from Bhagalpur has been working with Eco Tasar almost since inception. During these years he has increased his income, improved his living conditions and is providing education for his family of four children. … Read more

The Last-mile for Rural-Urban (Ruban) India

The hinterlands in India consist of about 650,000 villages. These villages are inhabited by about 850 million consumers making up for about 70% of population and contributing around half of the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP). C… Read more

Family Farms: Creating value for Philippine rice farmers and consumers

Rice is the staple food in the Philippines. With more than 100 million people consuming rice and a population growing by 2% annually, rice continues to be a highly demanded commodity in the country. But with limited and continuously de… Read more

Nileda: Scaling Good Agricultural Practices in Cambodia

Agriculture plays a crucial part in Cambodia’s economy. About 30% of the country’s GDP is coming from the agriculture sector which engages around 60% of the economically active population.… Read more


Agronat now generates 56 permanent and 586 seasonal indirect jobs across the productive value chains of Aloe Vera and Andean grains. The Company works with 381 small organic farmers, offering them long term strategic partnerships. The … Read more

Zena Exotic Fruits: Delightful fruit assortment from Senegal

Zena Exotic Fruits employs part-time workers, allowing women to combine their job with the family chores. ZEF currently employs 22 fixed staff (including management team) and a minimum of 20 interim staff (seasonal production workers).… Read more

Arohan Foods: Impacting the lives of 2,800 smallholder pig farmers in India

Arohan Foods was started in 2013, by three entrepreneurs – Anabil Goswami, Arindom Hazarika, and Ranapratap Brahma who were fuelled by the passion of developing an inclusive business model benefiting the poor communities of the North E… Read more

FSOI: Accelerating sustainability and fair trade in organic agriculture

Fresh Start Organics Inc (FSOI) set up in Bacold City, Island of Negros - Philippines, is a privately owned company engaged in organic production, processing, and marketing of agricultural produce.… Read more

Durabilis: Innovations to uplift Ethiopian economy

The impact that ICCO Investments and Durabilis anticipate would contribute significantly in achieving reduction of carbon footprints and creating high value markets for smallholders in the area surrounding nucleus farms through their i… Read more

SME: Adding more to the soil in Ethiopia

Soil and More Ethiopia (SME) has initiated an intervention to help farmers with the right compost. Besides promoting environmental protection, it would also ensure food security, and sustainable development for the inhabitants, not to … Read more

Ananya Finance to make Farmer Producer Organizations bankable

With the aim of catalysing debt financing across India, Ananya currently partners with 50 organizations across 15 states to support financing of micro credit and agricultural activities. Now, timely supplies of agricultural inputs at l… Read more

Lighting 15,000 rural poor in Cambodia

As one of the recognized players on solar energy for low income families in Cambodia, LES’s core innovation introduces and bundles various solar energy solutions to poor households, irrigation units and industries.… Read more

Mera Gao Power: Lighting Rural India

With ICCO's support, Mera Gao Power to reach another 10,000 homes through the installations of more than 500 micro-grids in the rural villages of Uttar Pradesh, India… Read more

Upscaling Organic Farming increases Farmers’ Productivity

The consistent efforts of KAPATAGAN, supported by investors like ICCO, have helped in making organic agriculture a widely accepted sustainable agricultural practice in the Philippines. The movement is steadily gaining popularity among … Read more

Cultivating sustainable coffee farming practices in Nepal

Alpine Coffee creates impact on the livelihoods of farmers engaged in the coffee cultivation.Supported by ICCO Investments, Alpine Coffee worked on the production and supply side of the coffee value chain. The investment was used to … Read more

NGOs investing for income

NGOs that are largely dependent on funding from donors are vulnerable. To provide an alternative source of income, nineteen South African NGOs formed the Ditikeni Group. ICCO Investments invested 160,000 Euros.… Read more