A solid partner

Capital 4 Development Partners (C4D Partners) is an initiative of ICCO Cooperative. ICCO has almost 50 years of experience in international development cooperation, works in over 40 countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

ICCO has over 300 employees worldwide. From our regional offices our people support over 900 partners worldwide. We have a good understanding of the local context and have broad experience and networks in the countries where we work. The ICCO Cooperative has over ten years of experience in deploying different investment instruments to contribute to its core mission: poverty alleviation and social justice. The strategy of the ICCO Cooperative is focused in two main areas: 'Securing sustainalbe livelihood' and 'Empowering justice for all'. With our investment instruments we try to leverage the work we do with partners in our Grants based programs. By offering a range of financing instruments, ICCO is also able to support our partners in all phases of their development until they are financially stable and have access to mainstream financial markets and systems.

The extensive infrastructure (in people, knowledge, networks) of the ICCO organization we put to use to support our investees in their development. This is why we believe that we are able to manage the risks and the challenges that entrepreneurs and investors face in early stage enterprise development. We build a strong relationship with the entrepreneurs we invest in. We know that investing in business is about people sharing a vision and not about a financial transaction. We want to support enterprising people that share our vision on fair economic development.