C4D views gender as a key consideration in its efforts of improving the livelihoods. C4D believes that unleashing women’s economic participation, be it as entrepreneurs, employees, or others, can result in economic and social benefits to not only women, families, and communities, but also to a country’s economic development.

Gender Goals:


  • Capitalize at least 30% of the invested capital in women-led and women-owned enterprises.

  • Consciously integrate gender analysis across C4D’s investment processes, conducted by a gender-aware investment team and investment committee

  • Catalyze a shift towards gender inclusion and equity across the board, workplace, and value chain by educating investment partners and portfolio companies.


In line with it's gender goals, C4D has embedded gender analysis throughout its investment processes. We collect quantitative gender metrics on a quarterly basis and have diversified our  Investment Teams and Investment Committee. Additionally, we have developed a Gender Self-Assessment Toolkit which allows our portfolio and pipeline companies to self-evaluate their existing business processes through a gender lens. This toolkit not only enables us to conduct a qualitative analysis but also use the outcomes from the same to educate and support our portfolio in building gender inclusive companies.