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Gender Lens Investing is conscious consideration of gender-based factors throughout the process of investment, so as to advance the practice of gender equality while making investment decisions.

C4D Partners has, and continues to, recognize gender as a significant factor in its investment practice. We believe that participation of women in economic activities, as entrepreneurs or employees, will result in positive economic development that fosters social benefits for not only women, but also their families and the community. 


At C4D Partners, we approach impact through gender-lens investing by focusing on businesses that are:

  • Owned or led by women

  • Encouraging workplace gender-equality

  • Improving lives and economic prospects of women


Through our conscious efforts towards building a strong gender-smart impact portfolio, we have identified goals that are being continuously implemented and achieved.

Gender Goals Identified

  • At least 30% of any fund managed by C4D Partners will be invested in women owned/led businesses

  • Consciously integrate gender analysis across C4D’s investments

  • Catalyse a shift towards gender inclusion and equity across the board by educating investment partners and portfolio companies

Gender Goals Achieved

  • We’ve developed a proprietary tool kit for gender lens analysis

  • Carried Interest of 15% to 25% - depending on % of AUM invested in  women-owned/led  enterprises

  • As of June 2022, more than 40% of AUM is invested in women owned/led SMEs

C4D Gender Self Assessment Toolkit


C4D Partners has seamlessly aligned its gender analysis throughout the investment process with its gender goals. This has enabled us to achieve our goals of creating a gender-smart investment portfolio, while also successfully creating a gender positive ecosystem.


A Self-Assessment Gender-lens Toolkit has been developed for our portfolio and pipeline companies to evaluate their existing business processes through a gender lens. The toolkit efficiently enables qualitative analysis of the gender-based metrics, and aids in educating and supporting our portfolio in building gender inclusive companies.


Furthermore, quantitative gender metrics are collected on a quarterly basis from all portfolio companies to track the positive impact being created for the women in our ecosystem.

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