Impact is what drives us. We strongly believe that SMEs can make a difference in creating inclusive economies where people can earn a living and develop themselves. Together with the companies we finance, we contribute to solving the SDGs. We thrive to identify investment opportunities in SMEs that

  • Create decent and sustainable jobs, providing employees with (new) skills and stable incomes, so that they can improve their living conditions and opportunities

  • Improve the market position of small marginalized suppliers and entrepreneurs, so that they can grow their business and positively impact (local) economies

  • Offer affordable and quality products and services to low-income and vulnerable populations, by providing them access to better, innovative, more efficient, more sustainable solutions, which have the potential to improve their living conditions

  • Boost the development of efficient and sustainable supply chains, by supporting supply chain integration as well as solutions to market inefficiencies, which has the potential to improve linkages, lower costs, improve sustainability outcomes, strengthen the position of vulnerable players and increase outreach

  • Support gender equality, by encouraging gender balanced business strategies, including women in supply chains and staffing and by investing at least 30% of the committed capital in women SMEs


We measure the impact created by our portfolio companies on a regular basis. Every year we consolidate the results of their achievements in our annual Impact Report. You can read our impact report below or download our latest impact report here