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Women Led/Owned, Food Processing

The plant-based diet has been gaining a lot of momentum for the past few years due to the rise of popularity in healthier lifestyle. Reducing meat consumption is believed to bring significant health benefits such as lower risk of diseases, weight loss, and many more. For some people, adding more vegetables into their diet might be enough, but not for Helga Tjahjadi and Max Mandias, Founders of Green Rebel.

Helga and Max co-founded Green Rebel and Burgreens when they realized that consumers in Indonesia are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of local and healthy food choices. At the same time, they saw how the Indonesian population was leaving its fresh, locally sourced, pure food preferences and opting more and more for convenience and processed and imported nutrition. They wanted to turn the tide, by re-introducing new and traditional dishes with a vegetarian or vegan twist, made from local and preferably organic ingredients. They decided to jump upon the opportunity to start a healthy plant-based F&B chain in their home country. And together, they started Burgreens from Max’s mother’s garage.

Few years later, Helga and Max launched a frozen-food line called the Green Rebel. The product consists of different pre-made dishes such as frozen steak, sausages, satay, rendang, dumplings, and many more. Currently, Green Rebel is available in supermarkets across the big cities in Indonesia and looking to cater to wider audiences by partnering with existing F&B players. Green Rebel has partnered with numerous F&B players within Indonesia such as Starbucks, Boga Group, Domino’s Pizza, ABUBA Steakhouse and is also planning to expand its business to other South-East Asian countries.

C4D Partners supports Green Rebel in a form of Cap-Ex investment. In order to keep up with current capacity and better production, the company required new machines to be installed. Through the investment, Green Rebel was able to scale its production and business, providing more jobs and stability in the long run.

C4D Partners is not only supporting Green Rebel on the technical business side but also the impact side. The company targets to maintain 50% of its food sourcing from farmers and local food artisans. 

Committed to improving the livelihood of farmers, the company sources their raw materials directly from more than 400 farmers across Indonesia at a market price. The company will also shift 20-30% purchase of high-volume raw materials from conventional distributors to farmers directly or partners that directly source from farmers. Green Rebel is also aiming to work together with a waste management consultant, to make it the first zero-waste-to-landfill restaurant.

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