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Renewable Energy

Lighting Engineering Solutions (LES) is a familiar name in Cambodia, especially among the poor rural households. As one of the recognized players on solar energy for low income families in Cambodia, LES’s core innovation introduces and bundles various solar energy solutions to poor households, irrigation units and industries. Through its intervention in the first two years of its operation, LES has installed some 230,000 watts to more than 2,000 rural households in five provinces of Cambodia. These households are offered with installation services and free maintenance for 24 months. As a result of this improvement, people can now extend their daily activities, children are now able to study at night, and families get to watch television during their leisure time in the evenings.

During the last two years, LES has grown by 3.7 times. It has increased its personnel capacity to 18 locals and provided job skills to 138 entrepreneurs. It is also in the process of developing solar solutions like solar water pump for small farmers. With an eye on the advancing opportunities in the area of solar, and to scale and accelerate its growth within the next six years, LES has sought investment support from ICCO Investments. Through this amount, LES, in the next six years aims to grow its impact further to energize at least 15000 rural households, creating employment to 36 people, livelihood opportunities to at least 500 poor individuals, developing new solar products for small farmers and social institutions as well as benefitting at least 20,000 children with increased study time.

“LES has the potential to establish a leadership position in the market. The capital backup from ICCO Investment, will enable LES to prepare its expansion facilities, and in the training and development of new products. It will also ensure that it has the right amount of inventory at the given point in time,” shared Augusto Camba, Regional Investment Manager for South East Asia. LES sources the component primarily from credible companies. Earlier this year, it entered into a partnership with GL Finance, one of the biggest leasing company and motorcycle financer in Cambodia. This gives LES a solid distribution and product financing platform to distribute its products faster and on a wider scale.

With LES already making a solid impact for the poor households, children and farmers in rural communities, the support from ICCO investments aims to augment this so that it can be expanded in an accelerated pace in at least 15 provinces in Cambodia.

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