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Women Led/Owned, Agri-Processing

Agriculture plays a crucial part in Cambodia’s economy. About 30% of the country’s GDP is coming from the agriculture sector which engages around 60% of the economically active population. Cambodia is still one of the poorest countries in the world with farming as the primary source of livelihood. Growing rice, cassava, bean, maize, rubber and black pepper are among the popular crops to farmers. Like many countries in Asia, Cambodian farmer’s key challenge is inefficient farm production resulting from the lack of agriculture knowledge, poor irrigation facility and lack of information on proper application of agricultural inputs.

It is in this context that Nileda was founded in 2013 by Kang Vannak and his wife Luy Sivrong. Nileda aims to improve farmers’ lives by sourcing and providing high quality agriculture inputs and techniques to small farmers. Its products include seeds and various fertilizers and conditioners for ‘Good Agricultural Practice’ (GAP) and organic agricultural. Nileda also provides pesticides, herbicides and fungicides which are suitable for crops from the lowlands to the highlands. Nileda aims to improve the access of best agricultural technologies and inputs for small Cambodian farmers. It embeds technical advice in its operations for farmers to cost-effectively use its products and improve their yields and income.

With the support of ICCO Investments the company will further grow and expand its product range - including increasing organic inputs - as well as expanding its network across the country. Nileda currently serves over 3,000 farmers and expects to grow over the next five years to 12,000 farmers.

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