ICCO Investments signs deal with AGRONAT

ICCO Investments recently signed an investment deal with AGRONAT S.A., a Bolivian company. Founded by Mr. Milton Gonzalez, who has more than 35 years of experience in agriculture, AGRONAT since 1993 has been producing high value added biodynamic products such as aloe vera juices, dietary supplements, shampoos, and health care products mainly based on organic Aloe Vera, Quinoa and Amaranth. It partners with indigenous farming communities and uses ancient knowledge during the process of cultivation.

Under this strategic partnership, AGRONAT supports the farmers by contributing seeds, technical assistance, organic certifications, and ensuring the market.  The rural producers, on the other hand, contribute their land, labour and organic fertilizers, and finally sell the primary production to the AGRONAT at predefined fair prices. The farmers are benefiting from the production of Aloe Vera, which apart from being profitable, also provides them with an alternate farming activity to coca leaves production.

AGRONAT generates 56 permanent and  586 seasonal indirect jobs across the value chains of Aloe Vera and Andean grains. It also works with 381 small organic farmers offering them long term strategic partnerships.  AGRONAT also offers natural and organic nutritional alternatives for diabetics and celiac disease affecting the elderly, children, and athletes.

This deal  would support Agronat in expanding their plant, mechanising several processes that currently are labour-intensive, and buying additional processing machinery and laboratory equipments.

For further information on this partnership, please contact Regional Investment Manager-South America, Jimenez Taquiguchi  at and Chief Investment Officer-ICCO Investments, Marcel Neutel at




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