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New name from ICCO Investments

Press Release

We are proud to say that since we started 5 years ago, we have achieved a lot. It was in 2013 that ICCO Investments, as the fund manager of ICCO Cooperation, established the Capital 4 Development Fund (C4D Fund).

The objective of the C4D Fund is to finance and invest in growing and inclusive SMEs with a clear social impact on livelihoods of marginalized communities. The impact is created by: 1) creating decent and sustainable jobs. 2) including small scale entrepreneurs and marginalized communities in the supply chains of the portfolio companies and 3) providing access to basic innovative products and (financial) services to small scale entrepreneurs and marginalized communities.

Since 2013 we have built up a portfolio of investments in Latin America, Africa and Asia, and have structured more than 40 investments. Not only for our own fund but for others as well, like the Rabobank.

To take the next step we have decided to restructure the current C4D Fund. We will spin off our Asia investment portfolio in a new fund called Capital 4 Development Asia Fund (C4D Asia Fund). And in the future we expect to develop other funds as well that will become part of our 'family of C4D funds'. 

We therefore would like to announce that we have decided to align the name of the fund manager ICCO Investments with the C4D family of funds. As of 23 November 2017 the fund manager is renamed into:

Capital 4 Development Partners 

We think our new name suits us better, after all we are providing our investees with capital to contribute to fair economic development.

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