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Small farmers set to benefit as ICCO-Arohan sign deal

Press Release

A freshly signed investment deal between ICCO Investments and Arohan foods Pvt. Ltd. targets to scale up pork processing in the North East India through a farmer benefit approach. Arohan foods, one of India’s few pork centric food processors, is banking on C4D (Capital for Development) to promote economically sustainable piggery in the region. Sourcing from smallholder pig farmers across the North-eastern India, the company retails premium pork products nationwide. It has partnered with premier government research institutions (ICAR, NRC-P, GADVASU) to start the state’s first HACCP and FSSAI certified meat processing plant.

This partnership is expected to allow Arohan Foods to leverage its 3 years of past work with rural population and research bodies, and provide a steady supply of feed and vaccines to reach export quality stock level. ICCO Investments, through C4D, would support Arohan foods in its endeavour to become the leading farmer friendly pork food processor in India . The business is expected to impact more than 4000 pig farmers and add back €6mn to the economy in 200 villages across 4 states in the next four years.

The benefits of this capital infusion are anticipated to help the company with: Higher slaughtering efficiency due to more animals per shift; better yield of prime cuts and bacon for higher revenue; access Bhutan and Nepal Carcass markets; and launch ‘Chef’s Select’ range of premium sausages and cold cuts.

Additionally, Arohan Foods perfectly aligns with the regional program called North East Rural Livelihood Promotion Society (NERLPS), a joint venture between ICCO Cooperation, World Bank and North East states, where one of the prime objectives is to develop a piggery value chain.

The company at present provides direct employment to 93 people. The ICCO Investments-Arohan partnership is expected to have a multiplier effect and provide direct employment to more than 250 people by end of the FY 2019-20.

For further information on this partnership, please contact Regional Investment Manager-South & Central Asia, Arvind Agarwal at and Chief Investment Officer-ICCO Investments, Marcel Neutel at

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